Like the flora, the Kyrgyz fauna is diverse and rich. Over the coutry you can find rare or endengered species from Asia (Central, Front and South), Europe and Siberia to match the wide range of climates. The most famour are the snow leopard, red wolves, brown bears, yaks, marco polo sheeps, arkhars, marmots. Many reptiles also live in Kyrgyzstan, such as the Nikolski lizard, agamas, tortoise, snakes. In Issyk-Kul, one can find fish such as trouts, carps, osmans, chebaks, crucians... Among the birds, you will have the luck to see the beautiful red-wing flamingos, eagles (golden eagles and eagle-owl), woodpeckers, herons, pheasants, cherry birds, swans, cranes and vultures. 

Many national parks are created to protect the amazing but saddly endengered fauna and flora of the country. 


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