Kyrgyzstan is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and its diverse vegetation.

Its flora is higly influenced by the alpine climate and the wide range of different altitudes. The north is more sloppy and humide, therefore forests and meadow and bushes are abondant. In the meadow around 3000m above sea level, grow, among others, edelweiss, aster Alpine, dandelion and primrose cod. Of course one can find a lot of different fungus due to the humidity.The South is much drier and therefore deserts and semi-deserts are to be found in the area. There you will find thousands of walnut-tree and fruit-tree forests (Fergana and Chatkal ranges) located between 1000m to 2200m above sea level. Among them are apple-trees, pear-trees, raspberries, currant and cherries, pistachios, rosary, almond. The country is also blessed with many medical herbs, such as plantain, sage, ephedra and dog-rose.


                           On the way to the South                                                                                                                           

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        Sary Chelek,  Alpine lake in western Kyrgyzstan 

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