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1. Rita 26/12/2016

I bought a pair of slippers and they are wonderful and now I want more! I love the striped ones. I bought mine at the Christkindl Market in Naperville. I would love to be able to order on line too. However, you should post any other festivals you are going to be at. Until next year. Bring lots of striped ones in bright colors. I will go the first day to make sure I can find a pair or two that I like. I might go to the Chicago market too next year.

2. Jean SmilingCoyote (link) 25/12/2015

Thank you SO much for coming to Chicago's Christkindlmarket this year! I couldn't buy anything until the last day, but did buy a very nice product. I really wished I could have bought a lot more, especially a scarf. Thanks also for educational website. Suggestion: in the photos of Ancient Kyrgyz Craft, you have many photos of people holding up large rectangular textiles with bold curving motifs. These are slightly reminiscent of motifs on Hawaiian quilts. You may want to look into the possibility of translating these motifs and designs to quilts. Motifs can be appliqued. The batting in a quilt can be wool. Most quilt tops & bottoms today are cotton, but they can be made of woven wool fabric.

3. Bouzi (link) 16/06/2014

Beautiful crafts!

4. Grims 29/05/2014

This web site makes you want to buy everything!

5. Ratus 29/05/2014

Beautiful web site !

6. Kubat 27/05/2014

Wish you success and growth!!!

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